Personal Coaching

I am an expert on Kindle Publishing. I started writing and publishing Kindle ebooks / paperbacks in 2014 and continues to do so even till today.

Kindle publishing is one of the best ways to earn passive income online. The ebooks that I did long ago, continues to make me money monthly up to this very moment even as I write this.

I am glad to have trained many people who are now consistently making money through Kindly publishing.

Stop moving from one program to another chasing the proverbial “get a million dollars in one week” programs. It does not exist. Learn to become a Kindle Publisher  and start  making real money online every week or month..

I offer a one on one training on this and provide you with personal support until you begin to earn money via Kindle books.

My fee is a moderate $490 onetime payment. I will provide you with ebooks, notes, manuals and all you need to become a successful Publisher on Amazon. I will be there to answer all your personal questions on Kindle publishing and direct you until you can stand on your own. I have former students making over $3500 monthly after my training.

If you are passionate and want to learn, just get in touch with me. Even if you do not have up to the usual amount, I can still do something for you. I really like to pass on this knowledge. So the money is not my main motivation.

Get in touch with me if interested.