A Simple Method – How to Earn $10-$100 Everyday Online

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I have been working and earning money online over a very long period now.

If I can remember, my first foray into making money online was in around 2000 when I went to learn how to build websites. I did not get to earn a consistent income online until around 2007.

In all these years I earned money from trying to do all sort of things online. Surveys, GPT sites, Adsense, Info Product creation and marking, Affiliate marketing, etc. I have seen them all. I earn little here and there but nothing substantial nor consistent.

Even if I did not earn much, I would go on to garner so much experience. I can tell you what works and what does not work online.

One thing I want to emphasis is that it is not easy to make money anywhere, whether it is online or offline. It is what makes it to have the incredible power and influence it possesses. Have a lot of money today and you will command influence and power.

Well to the main topic of this post.

I want to show you a simple method today which I discovered recently to make a consistent $10-$100 daily online. You get to choose how much you want to make and if you follow my instructions here, you can make a consistently amount (any amount that you want up to $1000 daily) from day 1 or 2 after setting up your system.

Yes this works and I am currently working with it and not even bother about my other methods of making money online. Yes I will now focus and run with this until it works no more.

When I found this, I went to run the usual research, searching and reading the online reviews about the system or method. Sadly all the reviews said only negative things about the program. But because of my vast experience, I knew they were wrong because they did not understand the concept and all those who wrote the reviews were just Bloggers asking for traffic for their washed-up programs or info products. They plainly were not involved with the program in anyway.

I want ahead to start the program. By was I deceived? No. I am happy I did not listen to those naysayers or ignorant people who masquerade under their $5 a month web hosting to throw out thrash and deceive the innocent people.

The program works and easily so and very simple to implement.

What Program Am I talking about?


I will be showing you how you can be making a consistent $10-$100 (or even a $1000) a day if you take action today by joining a platform called COTP.  I am not talking about spending 2-3 months to achieve this. No, it can be from 2-3 days and you will be making the kind of money you never believed was possible online. And this will be consistent. So listen carefully and take Acton immediately. Follow the steps one by one and do not miss any or you won’t make a dime.

What is COTP?

COTP (Cryptos OTC Trading Platform) is a blockchain Over-The-Counter and crypto currency exchange Platform registered in the United States as a Money Services Business(MSB) with FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) and compliant with the requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act.

Over the counter or OTC simply means sales across 2 exchange platforms. E.g. A trade involving a trader and a buyer with Binance and COTP or Binance and OKX.

USDT is the equivalent of the USD in the Crypto currency world and its unique feature is that the value is always constant at one US$. So what this means is that you do not lose your money on account of currency fluctuation that is prevalent with the other cryptos example Bitcoin. It is the only Crypto that I know whose value is stable!

This is not an investment but an arbitrage trading opportunity. Continue reading as I explain.

So how do we make money by selling USDT on COTP Exchange?


This is how it works:

COTP has an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system which scans the international markets to identify USDT buyers on Crypto currency exchanges like Binance, Okx whose bid price for USDT is higher.

COTP then sells your USDT to these buyers at a higher price and buys back the USDT at a lower/standard price and sends your capital and proportion of your profit back to you after approximately 2 hours 10 minutes. The company takes a portion of your profit. It is a win-win situation and everyone is happy.

This is just like what Amazon, Fiverr, Uber, Bolt and similar companies are doing. They provide a system which brings Buyers and Sellers together and take a commission. This is not a Ponzi scheme or a scam as it is being portrayed out there by people who do not understand COTP and what it stands for.

People said Binance was a scam when they started. Maybe because it was a new concept or so. People did not understand it. Same thing is happening to COTP right now. Everywhere you turn to online, people are saying it is a scam. But far from it. We that are trading through the company know what they are, In fact we truly pray for them to succeed just like Amazon and the other companies. Time will prove them right. Meanwhile we the pioneers continues to make money through the platform daily.


1) No Buying of robot
2) No monthly subscription
3) No gas fee
4) Withdrawal fee is just 0.03% (withdrawal takes less than 5 minutes to hit your crypto wallet)
5) Minimum Trading capital is $10
6) Minimum withdrawal is $10
7) 11 rounds of trading in 24 hours at intervals of 2 hours 10 minutes each (100% Profit in 30 days)
8) No blowing of Account (it is 24/7 Profit thing)


Let’s say you’re selling a product which goes for $5 per unit in your city/country, but in other cities/countries the same product
you’re selling is going for $6 and people are willing to buy it.
What will you do? Now…if you would sell your products to buyers
in these other countries/Cities, you’re going to make a profit of
$1 on each item sold.

This is how COTP works. The crypto currency we sell on the
platform is USDT. COTP has an Artificial Intelligence system
which scans the international markets to identify buyers in other
countries whose bid price for USDT is higher. COTP then sells our
USDT to these buyers at a higher price and buys back the USDT
at a lower/standard price and sends our capital and proportion of
our profits back to us within 2 hours 10 minutes.

Now let me show you the steps to making money with the company every day.

1)  Create and account with COTP.

To sign up, here is the link below. Click on it and sign up. You can continue reading and come back later to do this.


If they ask for a referral code during the sign up process, give them 584953

2) After signing up, the next thing is –


Log into your COTP Dashboard.
Click on Mine
Click on Recharge
At the next page, Copy the OTC (USDT TRC20) address
Go to the wallet of your choice and paste
Send the amount of USDT (TRC20) to your OTC account.

In about 3 minutes, your COTP account will be credited.

You need a Crypto Exchange account to Fund and Withdraw from COTP. You can sign up with any of the following exchanges below:





Or any Exchange of your choice.

There are many of them. Google “the Top Crypto Exchanges” and select anyone you like. You need to do your KYC to use most of the exchanges.


  1. Go to the menu buttons below and Click on “TRANSACTION
    3. Wait for the system to pick your orders till you see “SELL”
    BUTTON. Now click on SELL.
    4. Final click on ☑ CONFIRM!
    Boom …you are done!
    5. REPEAT process till your wallet balance is below 5usdt.
    6. In the next 2 hours, all your funds plus PROFIT will return to

How to withdraw from COTP to your Crypto Exchange account or Wallet.

In your COTP Dashboard, click on Mine. Select Withdraw.

Before doing this, you have to click on Personal information and set up your Transaction password which is quite different from your login password. Also you need to set up your USDT wallet address which will be from your Exchange account. It will be the address you use to Receive USDT TRC20 into your exchange wallet.

Now when you click on Withdraw, it will ask you for the amount. Plus COTP will send a Onetime Password (OTP) or code to your sms (registered phone). You need to input that for the transfer to go successfully. Once you confirm, then the money will hit your account within 2-3 minutes. You can deposit or withdraw any day, anytime, 247. Everything is automated and instant. No waiting for a particular day to be paid or for the company to approve your payment.

Almost everything is pretty much automated, from trading to withdrawal.  So you have to be very careful and protect your acct and personal info – Login, transaction passwords, your phone, wallet and so on. Make sure you do your KYC asap after signing up with COTP.

Now this is how you make $10-$100 a Day (You choose).

You make a 0.3% on your trades every 2 hours and 10 minutes. That is how long it takes the company to compete a trade cycle.

If you trade 10 times (recommended), you get 3% for the day. It is very easy to trade. Takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

So if you want to make $10 a day, you need to deposit a trading capital of $340 in your COTP trading account or wallet. 3% profit on $340 will give you $10.20 a day.

So let us see how much you need to earn a particular amount daily with COTP.

$340 ($333 rounded up) Capital will give you $10 daily (i.e. 3% profit). Same goes for the following below.

$500 Capital will allow you earn $15 daily

$1000 will allow you earn $30 daily

$2000 will allow you earn $60 a day

$3400 will allow you earn over $100 a day

There you have it.

Whatever amount you want to earn in a day, divide that by 0.3 or 3/100 (3%) and you will know the amount of capital that you need as capital too trade with COTP.

Example, you want to earn $120 a day. Divide $120 by 3% or 0.03 = $4000.

You want to earn $1000 everyday, divide $1000 by o.03 = $34000 (you don’t need to start with that, just an example).

I have just revealed the secret today to you on how to earn $10-$100 daily online.

I am earning 3% of my capital daily trading with COTP.

How to Trade Safely in COTP.

Your risk on COTP is only for 30 days. Yes 30 days is all it takes to earn 100% of your capital back and then you can withdraw your capital and do this only with your profits and therefore risk-free. Example you have $5000 capital. You can earn 3% trading everyday which with compounding will amount to 100% in 30 days.

After the 30 days, you can withdraw your $5000 and leave your profit which is also $5000 and trade with that. If you don’t want to wait until 30 days, you can withdraw your profit every day for the whole of 30 days. Whatever you choose is okay. I just showed you how safe it is with COTP.



Do not let anyone deceive you and say this is a scam. Find out for yourself. What I advise is that you personally test-run everything I have said with $10-$30. Everyone can afford this.

Go through the process for just 1 week, and if anything I said here is not true or you are not completely satisfied, just withdraw your money plus the profits made for the one week. And that will be it. But if it is true and you are satisfied, then you can go ahead and top up your account with any amount you can afford and enjoy COTP.

P.s. I have a PDF which you can download here. This has further info on how you can register and start trading same day with the COTP system and earn even more money with your account. Right-hand Click here. Select “Save As” and save to your device.

You can Click here to join our WhatsApp Group where you meet other Traders with COTP.

Or join our Telegram Group here.

Thanks for reading and Taking Action.




This site contains affiliate links to products or services. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice.

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