My Blogging Cash System

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 My Blogging Cash System – Let Me Show You How Anyone Can Make Money Online By Blogging. It does not matter if you have never made a dime online before. Your situation is about to change forever.

Step-By-Step System to Blogging Profits! Let’s work together to achieve your online dream.

This is what My Blogging Cash System is all about. After you sign up with us, I am going to create a full blown Niche blog for you with all the graphics and contents added. You get a complete Blog on any of the popular money making niches. Don’t worry; I will assist you to choose the right ones.

I have a list of over 100 Niches. Mention your interest and I will most likely have that covered. If your choice is not among my list; it probably won’t make you any money. So you choose from my list which has been fully researched.

For a sample of a Blog from us, click on the links below and check out just 3 of the Blogs on Healthy Foods, Weight Loss and Six Pack ABS.

As you can see, these are great looking Blogs that anyone will like to read.

For a List of Niches we can build Blogs for you, click below:

Requirements to do your own Blog.

First you register with us by ordering our service.

You will also need to the following.

An Adsense account, an Affiliate accounts with Clickbank and Amazon. We need this to monetize your Blog. The above is free to get. We will direct you on how to go about this. Clickbank and Amazon accounts can be completed within 1 day. Adsense may take a little while.

We can build your Blog without an adsense or Amazon acct iin case you do not already have this. After building your Blog, you can then apply for any of these accts. When you secure an account, then we will integrate your acct into your Blog. We stand by you once you have ordered our service.

Apart from above, you will  need a domain name and hosting for your Blog. It is just $10-$15 per annum for your domain and hosting can be $5 per month usually at the site below:

As our special customer, we can host you for only $30 per year, per Blog.

You can get your hosting from any source that you like in case you don’t want the one we recommend or for us to host your Blog.

With your domain name and hosting, we will create a money making niche blog for you. A niche Blog is a blog that is focused on a particular subject e.g. Make Money Online is a niche. Other niches include weight loss, affiliate marketing, Forex trading etc. We have over 100 in our list for you to choose from.

Your Blog will be built on the popular WordPress platform so that you can be able to operate your blog without any technical skills once we complete your blog. Your blog is yours and you can do anything you like on your blog. Your Blog will have 20+ PLR articles based on your selected niche.

The articles will be PLR articles but you can have this rewritten by us at an extra cost or on Fiverr to make it unique. But this is completely optional.

After we build your Blog, the next thing is TRAFFIC. That is the only thing left for you to earn money with your Blog.  You are free to drive Traffic to your site anyhow you like.

If you like, you can get our secret Report that will show you how to drive traffic to any Blog using PINTEREST. Yes Pinterest holds the magic to drive targeted traffic to any blog. We give you a special Guide on this (optional) at $15. And this is the key of the system. Without TRAFFIC, there is No Money. Learn to drive traffic and you will earn money with your blog for sure.


You must have heard or known of some Bloggers making serious profits every month. Won’t you like to join them or be like them? Now is your opportunity. Don’t let it slip past you. All this can be done for just between $50-$115. And you will have a full-fledged Blog making you money month by month. Imagine starting your own online business as a Blogger for just these amounts.

Making money blogging is POSSIBLE but it takes a little time and some efforts. Anyone telling otherwise is lying to you. So set aside 90 days with this system and you can be making anywhere from $1000 to $2000 monthly with this. And that is, if you work at it! It will be up to you. This is not a get rich quick shinny thing. There is nothing like that. If there is, I will like you to show me.

If you work at this (yes your will have to do some work weekly) you will make money with this system or method. It is guaranteed to work provided you put in the efforts. Good news is that the work is minimal. You won’t be working on creating articles as this is already taken care of by us. Your only work is to drive TRAFFIC to your Blog. And you can get our Guide (extra charge applies) which will show you a simple method to go about this.

So this in a nutshell is what our system is all about.

What will this system cost YOU?

Registration / Ordering for 1 Blog = $50 (This is a highly discounted price for the beautiful and well-designed Niche blogs that we do and we reserve the right to increase this anytime we like).

Optional Services.

Domain name $15 p.a.

Hosting = $30 p.a..

Pinterest Traffic Secret Guide = $15

For our full service it is $110. If you just want our Blog, it is $50. But we strongly advise you to get at least our Traffic guide especially if you are new to Blogging.

How to get Your Own Blog Now.

You start by paying the registration / order fee now.

Click here to Pay.

Later if you want any of the optional services above, we would be glad to send you a payment link so you can pay.

How long will it take to complete your Blog?

Allow us 4-7 working days to complete your Blog once we have the requirements, namely a domain name and hosting.

Thanks. Looking forward to working with you.

Any questions, concerns, pls feel free to contact us by clicking on the contact page above.

Looking forward to working with you.


Mr. G. Daniel
Admin / Creator of the Blogging Cash System


If after your order / register for our Blog building service, and provide the domain name, hosting, we would help you select a profitable Niche and complete your Blog within 4-7 working days from when all the needed info are provided. If after providing the requirements, we are not able to build and deliver your Blog within 7 working days, you can ask for a full refund and you will be refunded 100%. No questions. But once we build and deliver your blog, you are no longer entitled to any refunds. Pls do not register / place an order with us if you do not accept our terms. Placing your order means acceptance of our terms.


This is the only way you can start making money online with a total investment of under $50-$110. The rest will require your time only – less than 10 hours a week. You can do this part time while still retaining your JOB. But I tell you, you can make this your main thing within a year.

So start by paying the registration / order fee now.

Click here to Pay.