How to Get MLM Leads Online for Free

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This is for anyone who is into MLM or Network Marketing online. Before the internet came, the first people you could contact or market to in your MLM biz were your immediate circle or familiar members and friend. Sooner or later you were going to run out of Leads – people you could talk to about your latest business opportunity. But this all changed with the arrival of the internet. but unfortunately, many people in MLM still cling to the old ways. They want to still stick to the family and friends.

This should not be. In this post I am going to show you a more effective and free way to get Leads that will be ready to join you in your home or Network Business.

What is Network Marketing

Before I dive in to reveal my secrets, I want us to learn some useful things about the MLM industry. So let us start be defining what MLM or Network Marketing is.

I am sure you have heard about the term Network marketing, which is often referred to as multi-level marketing (MLM for short). You hear about this on the Internet or social networks, from your colleagues, classmates, or family members. So what is this all about? What is so interesting on this business? Why do so people keep offering you to participate in this money-making system?

Many people believe that MLM is something illegal, deceptive and a complete waste of time. Actually there are fraudulent systems which to some extent resemble MLM setups. This therefore leads sometimes to misinterpretation and misunderstanding of this business, which is otherwise perfectly legal and based on common business practices.

To be honest, MLM has to be the greatest opportunity ever seen at this age of the Internet and the Social media. It has a lot to offer if correctly practiced and pursued – great money, flexible working time, and independence. However, this is not easy to achieve. Building a successful MLM business takes a lot of work, learning, and patience.  Many people who try this and do not give it the determination and hard work that it deserves will so give up and say it does not work. They are the ones shouting that this is a scam or fraud. They say it does not work; yet there are so many people who have succeeded and became Millionaires via this. Look around you, I am sure you can locate or know some of these people.

So what is MLM?

Network marketing is a business model in which a participant is rewarded not only for the sales he or she makes but also for the sales of other people the he / she brings into the system. Therefore it is called multi-level marketing. Commissions are, in most cases, paid from multiple levels of distributorsIn MLM, the commission system is called the compensation plan.

Network marketing is a method of direct sale, where the Network Company creates conditions for individuals to join as Independent Distributors or Members. The members are not employees or workers of the company. They are regarded as independent contractors who join the company and have the right to get others to join them as a Team or downlines.

This then creates a system of independent distributors who are rewarded for sales of products and services they make themselves and for sales made by other members who joined under them in the company.

Companies that use network marketing to distribute their products or services tend to have significant lower overhead on conventional advertising because information about them is spread through the network of dealers or members. The members mostly sell their products to people in their neighborhood, to family members, or colleagues. Companies are using MLM to often reach audiences that would be otherwise hard to reach using traditional marketing methods.

I am sure you have seen or have come in contact with some of the members of distributors of such MLM companies like Forever Living, Tianshi, Herbalife and so on. These are the old and popular ones. There are so many of them, with new ones springing up everyday around the world. This is a popular form of home business.

MLM Criticism

Many people refer to network marketing as a fraud based on a pyramid or Ponzi scheme. There are many half-truths and myths about this kind of business. Such misleading information about MLM is widely found throughout the Internet, usually spread by poorly informed people or those who have failed to succeed in it.

The basic difference between an honest business and a fraudulent system is that through legal network marketing members sell real products and real services.

Many MLM systems require that new members provide an initial investment. It might be used to cover the cost of marketing materials, business cards, flyers, etc. Sometimes, the entry into the system is conditional on purchase of a certain quantity of products that the company distributes so that the new dealer becomes better acquainted with the range of products he is going to sell.

Fraudulent programs use this entry fee solely for the payment of commissions to previously registered members in the scheme. Such a system is based only on registration of new distributors and collection of entry fees without any or only minimum real sales. This initial investment is thus not used to purchase vitally necessary materials to support sales or product samples, but to enrich those higher in the multilevel marketing structure.

Collection of unreasonable entry fees has been repeatedly identified as illegal even by U.S. federal authorities. As a result, critics still refer to multi-level marketing as a form of legalized Ponzi scheme.

Honest MLM businesses are not based on mere registration of new distributors but on actual sales of actual products or services.

The primary source of income of every dealers working in a legitimate MLM company comes from commissions for sales to people who are not part of the distribution network. And this is what distinguishes a proper business model from dubious companies seeking new dealers only to collect entry fees.

How Does Network Marketing Work?

Doing business in network marketing has many advantages over a conventional job. MLM members are independent home business owners who determine their own objectives and tasks and they don’t have to listen to any boss. They are masters of their time, they can work from home, and they take time off whenever they want. This freedom, of course, comes at a price in the form of greater requirements on self-motivation. However, it is the freedom what attracts so many people to this kind of business.

The essential difference between regular job and network marketing is the money. As an independent businessman working for a company which distributes its products through network marketing, you have no guaranteed, fixed salary. If your business is not doing well or you are just starting out, your income may be very small. On the other hand, the MLM business offers almost unlimited earnings, if you’re successful. And that is something virtually no employment can offer.

The possibility of unlimited profit is based on the principle of the evaluation system of network marketing.

In MLM you also get commissions from the sales of distributors that you bring into the company and from the sales of distributors they brought to the company. Modern MLM systems pay commissions from many levels of your downline, which is the structure of distributors registered under you. If your distribution network keeps adding new dealers, your income will keep constantly increasing without any limitation.

From this description above, it means that network marketing does not only involve the sale itself, but also recruiting new candidates for this kind of business. Integrating new dealers and distributors is an essential part of building a passive income in MLM. Usually, many dealers try to sign up their friends, relatives, and colleagues. However, if you are to create an effective MLM business, after some time you will need to obtain a new source of other MLM contacts, called leads, you can reach with an offer. The majority of successful MLM dealers can continuously generate large amounts of MLM leads whom it can present their business.

How to Get Leads for Network Marketing

This is a question frequently asked by everyone who enters the world of MLM. They first reach out to their friends, colleagues in the office or business place and family members, and then realize there is no one else to present their business to. A steady supply of quality MLM leads is absolutely necessary for building a successful MLM team. A growing network of partners means a growing income. And this exactly is what this book is going to help you achieve if your take action. It is not just enough to read this great valuable book. Forget the fact that you got it free, it is solid info you got in your hands right now. Keep read and soon you get to what you want. I just needed to give out the MLM basics to you.

What you Need to Effectively Grow Your Business?

Above all, it is faith in the product or service that your company offers. You will never be able to offer your business convincingly to someone unless you are 100% confident in the value of what you are offering the person. To be successful in MLM, your goal must be to help others, not sell products. You must believe that your product or service can improve the life of others – whether through better health, travel experience, entertainment, personal development, or financial savings. Only then can you succeed in the long run.

If you are not confident about what you are offering, you’d better look for another company and another product to promote through network marketing. MLM is an excellent way of building a stable passive income – but it all depends on the quality of your product. Ceaseless recruitment of new people and building the downline is useless unless your network generates purchases and money.

Another essential part of your growth is motivation. It is not easy being rejected several times a day only to get up the next day and start over. Everybody involved in network marketing has to learn to get rejected on a daily basis – It just part of the job. Without sufficient motivation, you MLM business will be over in no time.

You need to set goals and try to stick to them no matter what. Your main goal should not be the number of registered people in your program or the number of orders. Your goal should be to carry out the planned number of advertising, meetings, and presentations. If you offer your business to others often enough, the number of new members of your team will grow. Another of your goals should be to improve the way you present your opportunity. Do not focus on immediate results – those will come in time. You need to stay motivated and work hard on reaching new people with your business opportunity.

A crucial condition for your success in network marketing is a constant supply of MLM leads. If you have no one to reach, you team will never grow. Network marketing leads are the living water for your business. In multi-level marketing, getting fresh MLM leads is the most important and also the hardest part. And it is exactly where many people stumble.

That you just cannot obtain new leads? It’s completely normal for new MLM newcomers. You have to find your own way to contact new people daily and offer them your business. Thanks to the internet, the method to contact people now has changed. Gone are the days where your only method was to meet people in person or sometimes just by telephone.

Things have changed drastically in your favor. The latest techniques mostly involve the Internet, social networks, discussion forums, and online databases. Making contact with someone new online requires skill and experience. Today, the Internet is overwhelmed by job offers and discussions about them. As a result, it’s not easy to get real contacts for persons interested in this kind of business. In these days, people do not pay attention to all those messages that are constantly flooding their inbox – there’s just too much of it. If you send an e-mail offering an easy work from home to a person who doesn’t know you, it will most likely end up in trash.

If you really want to effectively acquire valuable network marketing leads, you must build a kind of personal brand and become a recognized expert in the field. If people will perceive you as a professional in the given field, they will contact you themselves or follow you on social networks and you can effectively communicate to them information about your business opportunity. That is the ideal state, which not everybody manages to achieve.

Many people resort to easier ways to get MLM leads. Buying MLM leads is a fairly common way for networkers looking to expand their business. Getting hundreds of emails and phone numbers of people who – at best – somehow consented to be contacted regarding business offers might be an appealing option. The question remains is, what is the real values of such leads. The truth is that most of these lead are completely non targeted and can be only poorly converted. What’s more, purchasing leads is quite an expensive affair, especially for new trades who cannot even use them effectively. Now this is the part you have been waiting for. I know you cannot wait anymore :)

The Modern and Right Way to Generate Leads in Network Marketing in the 21st Century 

(Huh, maybe this should have been the title of this post – just having fun because I am enjoying writing this for you. I just hope you put it into the best use).

If you want to get highly targeted MLM leads daily, use this secret website. This site offers an opportunity to contact people who already have experience with network marketing, and it is completely free to join. It presents you with a very easy way to contact and discuss your business with people who are interested in this type of business. Members of this site show each other their business opportunities. They can send messages and in the case of mutual interest, arrange a personal meeting or a phone call. Here you have a collection or a pool of all those who are interested in Multi level market or Network businesses. Imagine selling footballs to Footballers. How easy do you think this will be? This can be very easy my friend.

Not everyone is doing well in their MLM business. In fact, the vast majority of networkers who you find in this very useful but relatively unknown website fail to achieve the results they have imagined. As a result, it happens quite often that many of them are still searching. This is where you come in with your own program. You will sure get some of them to join you. In fact some of them are actually directly looking for new opportunities to add to the one(s) they have.

This site that I am showing you is a very powerful way to identify and contact people who are really interested in MLM. These are people from all over the world. If your company allows it, you don’t have to limit yourself to your country only. With this site, you can extend your business to other countries and continents.

Don’t spend money on dubiously acquired lead on paid sites. The basic functions on this website which I am showing you today are absolutely free. No entry or membership fees. What’s more, the company follows a very strict privacy policy.

How to Properly Use this Amazing Website!

The site allows you to get free leads for home based business, establish new partnerships, and expand your network marketing business. There are several ways to use its services. Not every strategy will bring maximum benefit. People do not always want to read your offers. If you really understand what kind of people use the site and what they expect from it, you will achieve the expected results very quickly.

Who Are Members of this Site?

Members can be divided into several groups.

1) Active members seeking new people for their teams

These members usually do not seek new trading opportunities. Yet, if you manage to contact them or exchange information about your companies in any other way, you at least get a chance to capture their attention. If your business proposal is really good, it might be that the person decides to enter your program and operate in more MLM companies at once. And even if he rejects your offer now, the business contact can come in handy in the future (you just never can tell the future). Show them your blog, if you write any, or ask them to add you to the social networks. That way, you can build a circle of people who will know about you, read your content, and you might potentially approach them with another offer later.

2) Previously registered members who are no longer active in MLM

The site has a large number of registered members who, for some reason, have failed and are no longer active in network marketing. These people have experience with this kind of business, know how it works, and you can offer them a new opportunity. If you propose them a quality MLM program, you have a great chance to succeed and to get them on board. Multilevel marketing is a wonderful business, but not everyone succeeds in it at first. If you can propose a solid, better offer to those who had given up on MLM and give them adequate support, you can get new high-quality team members.

3) Members seeking new business opportunities

These people love looking for new sources of income and follow network marketing opportunities everywhere. Members from this group have usually a lot of experience and can tell a good and a bad deal. These people are interested only in really good offers. If you succeed in getting these MLM veterans into your team, they will a valuable asset to you.

Usually, you cannot tell this type of members by simply looking at the list of MLM prospects. You will only find out by communicating with them. Try to guess their intentions, requirements, and expectations and adjust your strategy accordingly.

To Whom Should I Send Partnership Request?

Choosing the right people to whom you send a request for partnership will greatly increase your efficiency and save you plenty of time. Sending non targeted offers to people who for various reasons cannot or do not want to join you will only slow you down. Stay focused on leads which have the highest chance of success.

In their profiles, each member may indicate what fields of network marketing they are or are not interested in. People who are currently active in any network marketing company usually indicate that given field in “Interested in” field. This will give you an idea of what kind of fields they have experience in. It does not mean that you cannot contact people from other fields as well. By showing each other the advantages of different fields, you can compare business opportunities in different areas of MLM. If any member engaged in a given network marketing program is not doing well, they can leave it and register into a new program. Some people start to work in multiple programs at once.

On the other hand, it makes no sense to contact members with an offer of cooperation in a field they have indicated in their profile as “Not interested in”. Sending such requests is usually a complete waste of time.

How to Reach Out Effectively to Members of the Site?

The manner of addressing a potential partner through this MLM site will determine whether they establish contact with you or you lose the chance to establish communication with them. Pay close attention to what you are sending to your prospect.

Ask the member to whom you send a request for partnership for the opportunity to present them your program and let them know you are interested in their own business, too. This way, you can arrange a personal meeting or a chat and persuade them about the benefits of your offer.

Never send the members a message which merely states you have a business opportunity for them. If you fail to ask them about their own offer, it is very likely you won’t hear from them again. Good news – the site even has a draft you can use to make your initial contact. You can sue that as a guide only. Make sure to add your own element to it.

How to Follow Up on Initial Contact?

If you manage to start a conversation, try to agree on the next step as soon as possible. If possible, arrange a personal chat online where you can discuss business matters. Try using Skype or any of the chat facilities online e.g. Gmail Hangout.

If you decide to send only an e-mail, remember to get in touch after some time to build on previous communication. Try to continue the conversation, asking they have any questions or if they are interested in further consultation.

How to Evaluate Incoming Requests?

The site is not just about sending out business offers. If you get a message from another member, read it carefully and try to get more information. Even though you are now sure you will pass on the offer, a new business relationship may come in handy when expanding your business in the future. Try to create a network of people engaged in MLM. Such contacts will be very valuable in the future. Through the offers that you receive you will come to know of many other opportunities, some of which actually maybe better than what you presently have. I have discovered one such opportunity which I am sure I will be pursuing in the nearest future. Multiple sources of income does not kill.

The more people you know, the greater the number of potential business partners you may have. Even if you fail to get a new team member, at least ask them if you can add them to your mailing list. Try to offer them some interesting content from your website or blog. Ask them to follow you on social networks. It could draw attention of their friends, whom you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

How to Get Even More MLM Leads?

As standard, the site operates a credit system. There are ways to earn credit – free and paid ways. You gain credits when you refer others to the site. Using you credits you can contact many people daily. It cost 1 credit per any request that you send. So if you have 100 credits, you can contact 100 people. If you want to grow your network faster, there is an option to buy more credit. You can actually spend some money to build your business. Once it picks up, you get back your money from the compensation you get in your online business. So see this as an investment and not just an expense.

If you are in any network business, feel free to share the info about the site I have just shown you today with members or your team or downline. They will love you for this and when they sign up free, the company will even reward you with credits which you can utilize to get more Leads into your business.. This is a win-win situation. You are helping the company at the same time helping yourself.

You are helping the company to expand their business and for each new member who registers based on your recommendation you get 10 credits as a reward. You can use the credits to reach more members. You can see that you are benefiting too.

Click the banner below to register now in case you have not already done so. Do so now! Do not leave this till tomorrow. You must stop reading now and do the free registration now! You can continue reading later. Already you now know this page and it is yours to share with anyone you like that is into the MLM business.


Did you do the registration? If yes, then congrats. If not, go back and complete the registration. Do not delay. It is free today, it may not be tomorrow. This is why you should always take action without delay. In this business, if you are going to succeed. You must learn to put away procrastination. Write down you daily activities and goals and make sure to complete them. You will be miles ahead with this. Soon you begin to reap the rewards of your commitment and dedication.


Obtaining MLM leads and establishing communication is not the final step towards successful integration of a new team member. If you managed to arrange a Chat or Skype conversation, where you will present your business offer, you made the first and most important step to expand your business. But it’s not over yet! Now, you need to present your product, services, and the business opportunity itself. It would be shame to lose a new lead simply because you failed to prepare your presentation properly and that you weren’t able to answer all the questions they had.

If you don’t have enough experience or knowledge in the field in which you are trying to break through, ask your sponsor for advice or additional training.

If you get a new partner or distributor for your MLM program, remember that you must also introduce them into your business and environment. Tell them how you build your network.

Recommend them to sign up with the same MLM site I just showed you. It will accelerate their growth as well as that of the team which includes both of you. Your work does not end when your lead successfully signs up into your program. You must immediately give them some tasks and begin to work on their professional development. Otherwise, their enthusiasm will quickly vanish, and the whole process of integrating them into your team would be just a waste of time.

Building a network marketing business is a demanding discipline and requires many skills. However, the reward is a very interesting passive income and the so much desired financial independence. Whether network marketing is your main source of income or just your pocket money, I wish you the best of good luck in this life. You need it. Nothing great is easy. It won’t be easy, but it’s worth it.

Thanks for reading this very long but informative post.

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