How to Correctly Set up for US Direct Deposit payment.

This post is a sort of a How-to article. I hope you enjoy it.

I read so many posts online about people looking for how to set us a US bank account to receive their online earnings. And people are charging for this?

Today I am going to show you how to do it free. You do not have to pay anyone for the info. This will be very useful to all those working or earning from such sites like Clickbank, Amazon, Draft2Digital, Fiverr, and so many to mention here. In fact if you earn any for of income and you live outside of the US, this info will be useful to you.

I want to introduce you to a company called Payoneer and show you how they can assist you to get paid easily online. In fact with Payoneer, all you will have to worry about is how to earn the money and not how to be paid. lol.

I will take my case as a point for illustration. I live in Ghana. When I signed up with Amazon and Draft2Digital to distribute y ebooks, my country was not even listed in their banking section, so I could not add my bank details. The only option was for me to get a US bank account which Payoneer offered me. Once I got that and entered the info into my accounts, the whole issue was sorted out. Every month I have been getting my royalty from the two companies easily and cashing out via MasterCard ATMs here in Ghana.

So let me explain how the Payonner acct works.

First you apply for the account. When approved, Payoneer will send you a MasterCard plastic card for use online and at ATMs.

Having been approved by Payoneer, you have to let them know that you wish to be receiving money / payments from companies in the US, so you need to be approved for their US Payment Service. You will need to complete a short questionnaire to apply for the US payment service. The link to apply will be in your Payoneer account page. This is a simple process to complete. Along with the questionnaire, you are to submit a govt issued ID copy via email.

The support of Payoneer will go through your questionnaire and approve you for the US payment service. This takes 24-48 hours during weekdays only. They don’t work on Weekends.

Once approved for the US payment service, you will get a unique US BANK account info solely for the purpose of receiving payments from the US companies including Amazon / Dradt2Digital. This is not a full fledged bank account but it is enough for what we want. It is more of a Bank collection account and you can only be paid by companies in the US and not individuals. This is to avoid fraud or money laundry.

Having obtained this info, just log into your account, under payment section. Select USA as your bank country, then enter your US bank Name, Routing and Account numbers. The acct type is CHECKING. Then submit by hitting the submit button. Any US company will accept this and that is it.

When next you are due for royalty payment (usually 30-60 days after sales), your money will be sent to your US bank acct. This will appear in your payoneer acct and you can withdraw the cash via ATM or use card for online payment. This is how to correctly use the card. You will be paid to this acct so far you have a royalty due and it is almost free to receive this. With Payoneer, the charge is 1% and that is why i say it is almost free. But you pay ATM fee when you cash out via ATM.

There is one important thing which many people do not know about Payoneer. the company does not just help you with a US bank account; they can offer you collection bank accounts in the following additional countries namely: UK, Euro, China and Japan.

One card can only be linked to one bank account. So if you have a card linked to a US bank acct, you will need another card to be linked to a collection UK bank account. So Payoneer will issue you extra card if you want this. For me I only use payoneer for US accounts collections and so far it has been great. Payoneer has a great support team.

In case there is any problem with your payoneer account or card, you can contact them via email, live chat or telephone. They always respond positively but this is only during week days. They don’t work on weekends.

I wrote a free guide which i share with my Subscribers on how to correctly apply for a Payoneer account. I am so happy to share this with you as a reader of my Blog.

My guide is 100% free and can be downloaded by just clicking on the link below. No sign up or email required. Just a direct download.. See link below: Right-hand click, select Save Link As and Click to save to your PC.

How to Set Up an Easy US Bank Account as a Non Resident.

Hope this helps.

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