Get Paid to Give Away Free eBooks.

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I earn money by giving away free ebooks – books that people love to get free. My eBooks solves specific problems and people are happy to get them. What I do is monetize them with some specific type of affiliate programs. I earn when someone sign up through the link in my ebooks.

Many people want to make money online but cannot find a way. It is possible but not easy as some people will want you to believe. First there is the problem of scam and information overload on the Internet. This makes it hard for people to concentrate and succeed online. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying it is not possible. Everything is possible!

For years I tried without success to earn any substantial income online and achieve my financial dreams. But I refused to give up because I knew it was all possible. Let us say I finally discovered this method by accident. You know when you keep reading and studying, at a point you can now think for yourself. You begin to think outside the Box. That is exactly what happened to me. I was able to put together some ideas which worked well and which I am now using. It still works well even as I write this. I see it working for a long time – as long as people continue to love free valuable things.

More on this Money Making Method.

I get paid to give away free ebooks. How easy do you think this can be? Very easy of course! This is 100% passive. I only have to give out the ebooks and make money.  No other job on my part, after I give out the ebook. The ebook does all the work.

The more ebooks that I give away, the more money that I make online. Every other process is automated for me. Therefore I can truly make money while asleep. Every day, I only check my account to see how much I have made during the night.

Below is the latest pic to prove that this works. I will be updating the pic regularly with current pic.

Click on above image to see clearer.

For some, the amounts circled in red may not be much but there are truly 100% passive and believe me, they add up soon. The more ebooks that I give away, the more you make.

I will be focusing on this in 2018. And the great part is that the commission is recurring and paid monthly.

I want to share this method with only 20 persons in 2018. I will set you up with my best performing free ebook. I will customize the ebook for you so that you can earn money with it. With the customization, all earnings will come to you. I will give you the rights to distribute the ebook as your own. Total cost is $27 one time.

If interested, click on the link below and pay the $27 set up fee. After that, I will let you know the info I need from you to set you up. The whole set up takes 24-48 hours once I get your info.

Guarantee. I am not the one to give away the ebook for you. I create your ebook and show you what to do. I will give you a refund if I fail to create your ebook and share my method with you.If you share the ebook and get people signing on through it, you will make money.

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2 thoughts on “Get Paid to Give Away Free eBooks.

  1. Royan Shaw

    Report and results please. I would love to adopt this approach and since you have already tried it could you say if this method has been successful or not.

    Funny though i would even go further to help the buyer if he or she is a newbie to promote the ebook on various sites that charge an affordable CPM or CPC to advertise. If the buyer buys from your search traffic affiliate link and oilla! you are in the money even more.

    What are your thoughts?

    1. admin Post author

      This works and will continue to work as long as people love free things or gifts. I have been averaging at least $100 with this from one book in the past 1 year without doing much. A PPC promo will even increase the income and I would be trying that in the new year 2019. Go ahead and give it a shot.


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